Terms and Conditions


The following terms shall have the following meanings:


USkars LLC                       A vehicle Dealer Company
Location Registered Address. 306 South 1St

Copperas Cove Texas 76522

Online Services Chargeable services that may be made available by USKARS LLC,  in connection with its Listing such as  live chat, video-related services.
Agreement these terms and conditions (including any schedules) and the Order Form
Applicable Laws all applicable laws, regulations and codes of conduct
Call Charges the charges for telephone calls made via the Third Party Geo- Number Service
Client the client specified on the Order Form who is contracting for the provision of the Services.
Client Branding all Client trading names, trademarks, service marks, logos and devices
Client Materials all Data including Client Branding provided by the Client to USKARS LLC for use in connection with the Service
Combined Service where the Service includes Mechanical Checks
Customers persons who use the Service
Customer Data Personal Data relating to Customers
Data text, content, graphics, images, video, software, data and other materials in whatever format
Data Protection Legislation According to actual regulations by law.
Display Material Banners, plaques, flags, point of sale material and any other material provided by USKARS for display by the Client in its premises
USKARS Service affiliation the dealer management service known as “USKARS Club” and all related services
Effective Date the date when the Client signs the Order Form
Fees all fees and charges payable by the Client
Geo-Number Service N/A



Intellectual Property Rights worldwide copyright, design rights, database right, patents and any rights to inventions, know-how, trade and business names, trade secrets, logos and devices, trade and service marks (whether registered or unregistered) and any applications therefor and all rights in confidential information;
Listing all listings, advertisements and promotions on the Website referring to the Client or its goods and services
Mechanical Checks the  Mechanical Checks service (also known as Vehicle Inspection)
Minimum Term the number of months specified under “Minimum Term” on the Order Form and which shall start on the Start Date; if the Mini- mum Term is not specified on the Order Form, then the Minimum Term shall be 12 months from the Start Date
Monthly Subscription Fee as provided for in the Order Form (including the combined in-  advertising fee in the case of the Combined Service)
Monthly Geo-Number Subscription Fee N/A
Number(s) Any telephone number supplied to the Client for the purpose of the  Service
Order Form The order form entered into by the dealer incorporating these terms and conditions
Personal Data As defined in the Data Protection Legislation
Service(s) The Listing and other services offered on or in connection with the Website and any related software and services including the Geo-Number Service and Add-On Services
Start Date The date that the Client’s stock goes live on the Website, unless otherwise agreed in the Order Form
Telephone Data all Data (including call recordings and personal data included within call logs)  supplies or makes available to the Client arising from telephone.
Third Party Geo-Number Service N/A
Third Party Site A third party motor listings or other website
Website the website at https://uskars.com
Website Geo-Number Service N/A
in Writing all forms of visible reproduction in permanent form (including emails unless otherwise stated)
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