Maintenance Tips

Maintenance Tips

Preventive maintenance is the best thing, which you can do for your car to increase its life and also save money on repairs. Never ignore your preventive maintenance as they may tell you when to change oil, check tire pressure. The best guide you can get is from your owner’s manual.

Check Air Filters


Many car problems are due to faulty air filters attached to them and the wear caused by them. You should get your filters changed every 12 months or after 12000 miles, whichever comes fast. Don’t ignore this maintenance as it will lead to problems in your AC and you are breathing unhealthy air in your car.

Fluids & Tires


Tires and fluids are the main components of your car and have a habit of wearing and running out too quickly. You should always pay extra attention to your tires and fluids. The task to check it takes about 10 minutes only. All you need to do is open the engine when it’s cooled down and detach the oil dipstick. Clean it thoroughly and put it back again. Now when you pull it, you will notice the oil stuck to it. This way you will know when to change the engine oil. While doing this also check your power steering fluid level and the hoses and belts for any signs of wear. After warming up your car check the transmission fluid level too. Now for your tires, you can check the pressure by using a gauge and ensure that it has the correct pressure for all tires. Conduct this every other week for less wear to your tire.

Check Battery


We all have had our car batteries run out when we need it the most. We all faced the situation where we are left stranded on the road in the middle of the nights with just the lights of our cell phones. It isn’t a pretty situation, is it?To avoid this never ignore your low battery sign and always get it checked regularly. Check for leakage or any mineral build up around it. Clean it with a battery cleaning brush and do this whenever necessary.

Engine Tune Up


If you notice that your engine is not working efficiently, then the reason probably is the spark plugs. If not checked if they wear out easily and will be covered in a buildup. Check and get them replaced if needed. They usually last for 30,000 miles; see the owner’s manual for an accurate idea as it is specifically written for your car and gives better details.

Check Tires


This is the easiest trick in the book to prevent wearing your tires and make them last longer, and the trick is to get them rotated occasionally. All tires do not wear at the same amount. By rotating the front and rear tires, you balance the wear and make them more durable. Ensure that the tires of your car are always perfectly aligned as non-aligned tires can make you lose control of your car and cause accidents.

Check Belts


Thoroughly inspect your serpentine belts and check for wears. If these belts fail, they can cause damage to the other accessories to make the bill of your repair too high. It is recommended to get it checked every 60,000 miles but you should the owner’s manual to get the best guide for your car.

Check Coolant


The hoses, which carry the engine coolant can damage very quickly as they transport high-pressure fluids, which can break if the pressure is too high. Also, the heater hoses face the same problem as they carry hot coolant to the passenger compartment.The best way for efficient working creates a perfect balance between them and get it checked regularly. And, why should you do so? The answer is getting this system replaced would cut deep into your pockets. So, the smart choice would be to inspect them for any damage and taking action immediately.

Check Brakes


Movies have a scene of brakes failing to cause the car crashing into places. While we might not read much into this scene, don’t make this your reality as it is a very tricky and risky situation to be in. If your brake system is efficient, then your car will be very youthful and last longer.It also ensures a very safe driving for the passengers in the car and also the people around you. Getting your brakes checked and replaced is like changing your car’s oil, Simple and easy.There is a very easy way to check your brake fluid; this will prove that the system is working properly. But if the color is little to the dark side then that’s the car signaling you to change it. The dark black color indicates that the fluid is filled with rubber and rest and you should replace the fluid as soon as possible.To make the brake system more durable, you should replace it completely every two years. Also, if your car is more than seven years old then change the rubber brake lines for smooth driving.

Drive Better


The way you drive reflects on your car. If you drive rashly, then your car has the chances of wear faster and can also damage your car permanently. By driving smartly and safely, you not only ensure less wear and tear on your car but also can save up on your fuel costs.If you have a habit of taking off quickly and applying brakes suddenly, then this can do, damage to your car. Always drive below the speed limit and avoid sudden stops, do not use your phone or any other thing, which might distract you and take your eyes off the road.

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