Buying a car at Uskars

Uskars was born so you can buy a guaranteed used car from the comfort and safety of your home. We offer this alternative because we know how cumbersome this process has been (both with individuals and with concessionaires). We want it to be very easy for you!

When you buy a new car, it loses more than 20% of its value when removed from the dealership. In Uskars you can find that same car for 40% less, 3 years later and with low mileage, knowing that you are buying a quality car.

All the cars you’ll see on the web went through our rigorous check of more than 200 points, to ensure maximum product quality. Although a used car may have small details of daily use, the mechanical condition of the car must be impeccable. Our inspectors are professionals with long experience in the automobile world (mechanical experts or with experience in workshops), and know the particularities of each brand and model.

Make your purchase online and the Uskars team takes care of the rest for you! From procedures to insurance and financing. We coordinate with you the day and time, and send the car for free to our customers.

Our job includes verifying that the car has no fines or patents pending payment, and that your next car has no inhibitions, previous garments or legal problems through the historical domain report issued directly by the competent authorities.

We use supply and demand analysis tools and our detailed inspection to determine a target price. We can offer very competitive prices.

We ourselves take care of the repairs corresponding to our mechanical coverage. The certificate covers repair and spare parts costs in the engine, transmission, front-wheel drive, and rear-wheel drive, which are the most significant expenses that a vehicle could present, and for which we take charge in case of arising. So that, although inconveniences may arise on the route, be calm that Uskars has you covered.

Of course! In Uskars we want to take care of the entire purchase process so that you only worry about enjoying the car of your dreams. We offer the best conditions for our clients through alliances with various banking and insurance institutions.

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